Total Algae Corporation & Green World System

• Founded in 2005
• Headquartered in Seoul, Korea (122-08 3F Gangnam Gu, Samsung dong)
• Business of Algae oil production and sales
• Planning to construct algae oil plant and plantation in Asia.
• Equipped with highly experienced management
• Producing and selling electricity powered by Algae Biodiesel
• Sales target: Taiwan, Korea, China, Japan & Europe
• Sales revenue: US$1billion within 5 years
• Cost US$300 millions for 200 Mkw capacity power plant (1,296,000 Mkw/year) including farming facility of Algae, Extraction plant and biodiesel plant.
• From start to finish of the all the construction will take 1 year.
• Highly profitable business model
• US$130 millions sales in year 2
• US$290 millions sales in year 6

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